Yog4Humanity.Art is a community based project with amalgamation of arts and yoga at its core. The initiative aims to reconnect with the communities that are socially or otherwise distanced. The concept was born from my experience of living far from home and feeling a sense of isolation. It reminded me of the cocoon effect a community has on one’s sense of security and bonhomie. My personal isolation made me a keen to the feeling of alienation that must be experienced by communities that are naturally isolated, ignored, and alienated within society.

The project aims to become a reflection of care, empathy and compassion for such communities. The intention of the project is to attempt to blur those boundaries between the communities. 

As part of the Yoga for Humanity project, participants will pledge for any of the social engagements like  engaging with homeless Kids (ex. teaching arts, playing games etc.,), spending time with elderly people (ex: old age homes), volunteering at Orphanages, visiting families who lost their loved ones in COVID to show solidarity, and drinking cup of tea/coffee with sanitation workers and beyond. These are the communities that seem ignored,alienated, or isolated though they are in the very fabric of society. Through this social engagement, human values will transform from community to community bridging gaps with social engagements. Yoga for Humanity project is an exploration of care ethics asking the community to care for other communities to empower society. This project is an empathetic act. As part of this project, the participants will learn intense practice of Prayog Vinyasa that has 42 steps and 21 asanas.