Prayogillu: A Social Place

One of my experimental projects, “Prayogillu:A Social Place” is designed to reactivate and re-evaluate space to foster communities for social engagement. Any place has the potential to transform into something. I wanted to convert dead, isolated, and abandoned places into social places where people come together and spend time with each other while having healthy/positive conversations. My studio was re-evaluated as a temporary “A Social Place” to create a positive social environment. I filled my studio with things to create interaction between people regardless of gender, caste, race, and ethnicity. A Social Place has a manual (how to use A Social Place), a community library, and social games from various continents (USA, Asia, and Europe) to motivate all types of audiences. It also provides beverages and art materials. A Social Place opened for a week from 2 Feb – 7 Feb 2022. In this way, my isolated studio was re-activated as A Social Place to bring people together and build a global community.