Resilience: PPE Suit Performance


The performance is a metaphor for conquering emotional, physical, mental states in order to express gratitude/empathy to health workers who are scarifying their lives to save people from a deadly virus. It is an empathetic performance. I am keeping myself in doctors’ shoes to understand their difficulties during Corona. Health workers are wearing PPE suits for more than 6 hours to save people from dangerous viruses. Conquering against self while wearing a PPE suit is throwing challenges. This PPE suit is suffocative, and it is made of plastic. Therefore, there is no air circulation. Music “Volcano Erupting” is a metaphor for High Temperature due to PPE Suit. There is unbearable heat between PPE Suit and Body. It feels like I am sitting on the fire. There is a huge amount of sweating within minutes and dehydration. These are the challenges that the PPE Suit created during dynamic exercise. During COVID many people are going through mental, physical, and psychological problems. To conquering own self against above all, I wore PPE Suit and performed 108 times Surya Namaskar (Sun salutation).