Print sculptural Installations: I have continually explored the possibilities of the print medium. This process is an extended space to print, it involves the transformation of crumpled paper from one form to another. It is an expansion of the regular forms of printmaking, and an evolution of the print itself while emphasizing the power of material. Crumpling paper is a process I also use to release emotions and feelings, like a catharsis.

This practice has grown out of my previous works. Here the print medium is converted as 3D form and occupies space like a sculptural installation. The formulation of a concept and composition is an endless and continuous process. There is no formal idea behind the work, rather it celebrates the process and lives in an abstract understanding, interpreted differently by viewers.

The process of installation becomes playful, like a performance without rules. It starts and grows in intuitive reaction to the space, and I welcome the idea of the viewers becoming part of the process and interacting with the work as it grows and changes its form and meaning in time. This act is sublime. Form is important to me, it moulds my feelings, it is the expression of my emotions.




2013 in search