Mindful Technology

(A2=Awareness & Archive, C2=Communication, Connectivity, T=Technology)

Catering to an era of digital excess and social media addiction, the web based series of interactive exercises represent the possibility of Yoga as a method to integrate oneself within the technological world in a peaceful and relaxed manner, resulting in a more joyful life experience. Being a Yoga practitioner and teacher, and a millennial myself, it was important to experiment with the notion of balance even within virtual spaces.

For all the ways that smartphones, social media, and near-constant Wi-Fi access have improved our lives and there are many life in the digital age comes with its share of challenges and complications. While we are highly connected in a virtual capacity, there remains a great risk of us becoming physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually disconnected from each other, despite craving love and support as human beings. The millennial generation use technology to archive everything important and mundane.  Today, the mobile has become an integral part of our body. We cannot separate ourselves from the phone with the camera being just as important. Rapid lifestyle changes aided by mobile gadgets and continued online engagement can cause physical and mental illness, and poor alignment of the body.

The interactions are designed with a set of instructions as online catalysts to focus on the present moment. I see Yoga as a way to bring mindfulness in us to live in the present and help us to combat stress and anxiety.