Project: 108 Surya Namaskars on 108 Mountains

High Altitude Yoga Performances (2016-present)

It is a series of mountain performances since 2016.  My Body and Surya Namaskar (Dynamic Exercise) are core elements in my endurance performances. Both are subjects and tools to express my ideas and concepts.

Surya Namaskar has 12 steps with forwarding and backward bending along with exhalation and inhalation. There are 1296 steps in 108 times Surya namaskar.

Importance of the number “108: It has considered as holy/sacred number in Yoga and Hinduism. There are 108 beads in malas and garlands. Malas are using to counting (beads) to repeat Mantra during Aum Chanting, Gayatri Mantra etc., The number “108” is viewed as a number of the wholeness of existence in mathematics of Vedic culture. The 108 number also connects the Sun, Moon, and Earth. The average distance between the Sun and the Moon and the Earth is equal to 108 times respective diameters. There are 108 pithas, 108 holy sites, and 108 Upanishads and holy places throughout in India.

The duration of this performance is depending on the climate, oxygen level, and mental and physical exhaustion (between 25-45 minutes). On the sea level, the duration will be between 25 to 30 minutes.

This performance has taken place in the 20 mountains and 8 countries in the world since 2016. Countries: France, Tanzania, Germany, Austria, Armenia, Nepal, India, and USA.