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2016-techo yog

The  practice  of  Yoga  has  been  an  important  part  of  my  life  and contributes to my creativity. It is perceived to be a healthy and holistic utopian solution for the challenges of contemporary times. It is in this light that I attempt to portray the prevalence of yoga as in the earlier and present times. My art aims, not to question the impact of science but to advocate an attempt to combine the reality  of  technological advances with discipline and the self-actualizing process of yoga.

This work combines two aspects of myself- the graphic artist and a yoga practitioner, to depict my opinion on how contemporary society deals with yoga. The physical aspects of yoga are now used world-wide to market it as a wholesome packaged work-out, in the process weaning away its key benefits of mental awareness, emotional balance and spiritual advancement. The scientific and technological pursuits for human comfort continue, while raising newer ethical dilemmas.

Yoga has added another dimension to  my  art  practice  and  has  brought  out  the performer in me, where my body becomes a medium in itself. 

Technology as Termite