A Moving Vehicle Series

The moving vehicle series is a unique and creative way to reach members of the communities in rural and urban places. The goal is to share artistic ideas through videos, with audio in the local language. This is an old school method that is very effective at enabling random and spontaneous human interactions and connections through art. In the digital era, social relations are gradually mitigated by electronic gadgets. A moving vehicle series is a way to bring people together and create random conversations between them, building a positive social environment. This project also explores the use of local languages to connect with the community. A Moving Vehicle Series is collapsing boundaries between art and audience and blurring the lines between traditional art places and non-art places. 

A Moving Vehicle in Vellulla,Telangana India

I used old-school methods to talk about Prayogillu and the exhibition in Vellulla village. I recorded information about Prayogillu in the Telugu language and played it through a megaphone that was mounted on a volunteer’s vehicle – this vehicle was driven through the village, helping to spread the word about Praygoillu. This was to help rural people connect with my idea. I wanted to encourage hands-on work and remain old school in my methods of communication in the village. These old school methods are very effective at building random human interactions and relations in the community. One of Prayogillu’s volunteers drove the vehicle to nine villages (Jeggasagar, MetlaChittapoor, Metpally, Banda Lingapoor, Vittampet, Atmanagar, Atmakur, Chaulamaddi, Arapet, Venkatrao Pet) that are near Vellulla village where Prayogillu located, to continue building connections.

A Moving Vehicle in Vadodara, India, 2022

I designed another Moving Vehicle project to be a creative way to show documentation of my solo mountain performances to the community in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. I wanted to show all my mountain performances to the community since they are not able to see them in real-time on the mountains. I used an LED screen mounted on a moving vehicle as an artistic medium to reach the public and allow them to experience my challenging yogic exercise on numerous mountain tops. During this series, I performed 108 Surya namaskars on various mountains throughout the world to mark the occasion of the 8th International Yoga Day.  I recorded information about solo mountain performances in the Gujarati language and played it through a video. On the 21st of June 2022, I hired a vehicle to travel with an LED display of my 108 Surya Namaskars through the streets of Vadodara city from 7 am to 7 pm, covering 100 kms. In the video, I composed 12 unique Surya namaskars from 12 different mountains. Here is the link for the video: https://youtu.be/T-LOFeVb8pE.

In this way, I was not only able to incorporate the local language “Gujarati” into my art but I was also able to connect with others through old-school methods of advertisement to enable random human interactions while also experimenting with how to share documentation creatively with the community.